Carolyn Rush


About Connective Tissue Massage:

"I had come to the conclusion after college that I would have some residual pain in my left leg and hip. After one session I felt like I had a new body; Carolyn is an ultra-focused therapist with amazing talent. Her body work allowed me to fully reconnect and rehab from my old college football injuries."
JH, Personal Trainer

"Carolyn Rush's connective tissue massage has contribute so much to my MMA profession. Has helped my performance to be able to compete with the elite in our sport. Thank you so much Carolyn for all of your help."
RH, MMA Fighter

"Carolyn Rush provides connective tissue massage that produces lasting results, not just temporary “relief,” for my chronically sore muscles. I’ve been using massage therapy for several years to relieve my fibromyalgia-like symptoms. Carolyn is a gifted therapist who is conscientious and professional. I also like the fact that she works out of her home and I can go to a quiet residence rather than a busy office for treatment. I highly recommend her services. "
KT, Sales


About Structural Integration:

"I had the 10 series Structural Integration with Carolyn. She had the unique ability of putting me at ease while giving me a detailed and vigorous session. During the course of the series Carolyn was very detailed on what we would be doing that day and the desired outcome of each session. Since the end of the series, I find myself correcting and very conscious of my stature, breathing and physical alignment. I highly recommend this to anybody who does an honest day's work."
JGN, Carpenter

"I went from feeling like the Leaning Tower of Pisa to feeling like the Eiffel Tower. I feel more grounded, have better balance, don't look down when I walk anymore. Things look different now that I'm 1 1/4 inches taller. At the doctor's office, they couldn't figure out why my height had been measured incorrectly all these years. They were reluctant to believe I stretched out that much."
PD, Cardiology Technician

"I truly felt as if I was given a new body. My new found body
awareness has become an invaluable tool that I have used to enhance
all aspects of my life. Thank you!"
KG, Massage Therapist